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Core Team

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Originally from a real estate background, Neerav ventured into esports in 2016 with a single Indian team and now is the owner of rosters that have achieved international fame. His vision is to transform Entity Gaming into a globally recognized lifestyle brand.

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Varun, a lifelong gamer and competitor with 19 years of experience in the games industry across design, development, publishing and game monetization. Has designed & produced over 75+ published game titles for unique IP's, Bollywood & Hollywood movies and commercial brand gamification apps in his career associated with companies Indiagames, UTV & The Walt Disney Company. He is also a functional advisor and mentor to many gaming entrepreneurs in the space.

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Aniket Dharamshi is a lifelong gaming enthusiast working in the field of equity research. He has extensive experience working as a research analyst at Value Quest Investment Advisers Pvt. Ltd. and as a full time director of Minosha India Ltd. overseeing all financial activities of the company. During his tenure, Aniket has accumulated significant experience in mergers and acquisitions, NCLT proceedings and aspects of operational finance.

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Monaal Jain has 15 years experience in international trade and business. During his tenure managing the textiles arm of Kothari International, Monaal has developed expertise in business management, financial strategy, merchandising and cross-border trade.

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